Cars, cars, cars

Work In Progress / 27 April 2024

I'm drawing a lot of cars at the moment. I'm mostly interested in capturing things in motion, so it's a subject matter I enjoy. Two of the images are for an ongoing personal comic & game project, the other is for a kid's printable comic story, which will be finished sometime next week.


Blockbench Tests

Work In Progress / 11 April 2024

I've wanted to check out Blockbench for ages. I love the fact that it's so simple and that you can run it in a web browser. For a personal project, I made a little animation test on a very simple 16x character:

I like the animation tools very much, although I didn't figure out how to reliably grab whole columns of key frames at once. This made copying and pasting keys a bit time consuming, as I had to do them individually. I also didn't workout how to bake all the animation key frames to the model. I'm sure it's possible, I just need to research it.

The bone folder system is great, you just need to set the pivot locations of the bone folders. I did find it easy to accidentally move the pivot point, rather than the mesh position, due to the UI. But all in all, it's really quick to set something up and animate. I like that Blockbench also gives you the ability to set up an animation controller.

I also built a simple car for the character:

If I were to iterate this, I'd build a single repeatable item (wheels, mirrors etc), texture it and then duplicate it. Then I wouldn't have any repetition of islands in the texture.

I had a lot of fun with Blockbench. For various reasons, mainly aesthetic, I'm not going to continue with it for this particular personal project, but I will definitely use it in the future. Perhaps I'll have a play at making Minecraft assets. Anyway, I'm very grateful to the developer(s) of Blockbench for this excellent (free) tool.

Finally, here's a somewhat over-exposed render of the car (The Toad) rendered in Blender, just becasue I like it.